open calendar in seperate window?

Hi - is there any possibility to open the calendar in a separate window in order to have emails and calender open in parallel and change between both with Alt+Tab? That would make my work much easier … Thanks in advance/ Heiko

The only bad that does not go with EMClient.
I hope a new version will bring it.

This would be great.

That is currently implemented in a way in the form of the Agenda Sidebar. You can always have your events visible no matter what section of eM Client you are in. Very useful.

Thanks, Gary. The agenda bar is great but, for me, doesn’t alleviates the need for calendar in a separate window. To be fair, it lessens the pain a tiny bit–but only a tiny bit.

Know what you mean boydston. I was used to having my calendar open in a separate window in Thunderbird. :wink:

Now I am used to Agenda, can’t get used the limitations of the Today Pane in Thunderbird.

We are in the process of changing to this client from Outlook. Do you know if there is any plans to upgrade so Separate window with a calendar is an option?