Opakované chybové hlášky

Opakovaně dochází k vynucenému ukončení eM Client, kterému předchází tyto hlášky

Poté je nutné opět eM Client spustit a stále dokola. Kde je chyba?

The eM Client program has stopped working

If you have already tried rebooting your computer, sounds like either eM Client may possibly have an error in the program when it installed (if it’s just been installed or upgraded), or you might have (a mail database type error) causing the program to crash or (some other program) running on your computer that is interfering with eM Client.

So suggest to first try uninstalling eM Client and “Don’t delete the database when asked” on uninstall. The re-download your current or later version of eM Client from the version history page and try reinstall to see if that fixes it.

Failing that if you can get into eM Client, do a backup via “Menu / Backup” and then if you have an IMAP Exchange or iCloud account remove your account and re-add and see if that fixes it

Lastly if still a problem, completely disable to test any optionally installed eg: Antivirus programs, optional Firewall / Security programs or VPNS etc and see if it works ok.