Using Gmail and latest eMclient version.First off I thank emClient for being an excellent app.
I use category labels extensively and find that when new emails arrive they often get sorted to the Category but do not appear in the Inbox as new mail. I can eventually find them, but then have to physically move them to the Inbox to make sure I do not forget them once the number indicators disappear when I have read them.
Is it possible yo make sure all new email goes to the Inbox please ?

Hello Brian,
by default all new messages arrive in Inbox first. If you have any rules set up to move them, the messages will be then moved to these folders.
The only way to keep them in the Inbox would be to disable/alter the rules.
What rules do you have setup in eM Client?


Hi Olivia,

I have original settings with two rules (spam filter , black list) and I can see all new emails in ALL MAIL box. About 80% new emails show in Inbox but there is always a few important emails that won’t show in inbox. I can find them only in All Mail…

Same problem here with 7.0.27943.0
Suddenly a lot of the emails are no longer coming to the Inbox but do show in the “All Mail”.
Also, some show up in Both. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Nobody replied on this one, its still a problem

I also have started to experience this problem ie the email is not in the “All Inboxes” folder but appears in the “All Mail” and I have missed a couple of important emaisl as a result.  I am on v7.0.28252.0

Hi Guys,
I removed mail rules from GMAIL on line version which seems to have fixed the problem.

I tried but not sure how to do it. It looks like I have to remove a level of security… How did you change rules and which one rule did you remove, please?

nothing to do with security.
have a look here

Thanks Brian, but it didn’t work. I dont have any emails (gmail online) that is filtered, so I cannot remove filters as there are no filters. Its something else…

Following Brian’s comment regarding Gmail filters, I checked but no filters had been created.  However, one thing I spotted which may be relevant was that one the GMail, the IMAP was disabled.  I have enabled but over Christmas I have not had emails from those whose emails were not appearing so too soon to say if this is a factor

I checked IMAP - it was enabled. I still receive emails selectively in inbox

I have this same problem. Updated to 7.1 in the hope that would resolve it, but no. I have no filters set up and nothing in gmail online that would affect things. So easy to miss an email !

Same here. See emails in the specific box, but not in simple folder. 

Many of my incoming Gmail messages are skipping the inbox and going directly to All Mail. This started happening a few weeks ago. It appears to be random as I can find no pattern in the messages that are skipped. I’ve analyzed my Gmail mail settings, etc. and Gmail doesn’t appear to be the problem. Has anyone found a solution? I’m using eM Client on windows 10.

Same problem for me too
I have the folder Sent box folder that did not enter my messages and does not still include messages contained in the same webmail, even though i have done multiple synchronization and repair archives. This folder has no set rule

Your comment is nearly unintelligible so I’m not sure if you have the same problem. But in any case I did determine that eM Client was the culprit. I did it by going into Google settings and disconnecting eM Client from the Google account and watching for a few days. The problem stopped. Since the occurrences were very frequent I have good confidence of the conclusion. This may be overkill, but I uninstalled eM Client and deleted the working folder, then reinstalled eM Client. So far it’s been behaving.

Happened to me too. Two messages came from the same person 4 min. apart, one was in my inbox the other nowhere to be seen. It was in Gmail but not eMclient. 

The solution in my case was really simple, disable conversations. As soon as I did, the email in question appeared instantly.

I had the same problem and solved it by doing a complete reinstall of eM Client. It may be overkill but it worked. I not only uninstalled the software but removed the working folders too. I first identified eM Client as the culprit by by disconnecting it from Gmail (and using the Gmail web interface instead) for a few days to see if the problem went away, which it did. To disconnect eM Client, go to Gmail Settings -> Accounts and import -> Other google account settings -> Sign-in & security -> Connected apps & sites -> Manage apps.