Only SMTP Tab required

I’ve had eM Client for years and its the best client around :slight_smile:
In my current years old (but updated) setup I have an outlook account added AND another account which is for SMTP sending only.
In my current setup, when I look at the account settings, I just have GENERAL, SMTP, DIAGNOSTICS tab.
However, I am trying to install on a new PC for switching over.
When I try to add a second SMTP account, there are more tabs including IMAP which I dont need - as I only want to ADD a sending account.

I would do a backup of my current install & then restore it on my new PC - but there seems to be an issue with the database, so I cannot back up or repair.  So, a new install is probably better.


In the “Accounts” setting window, choose the account you want to change, go to the General tab and scroll down under Services to disable IMAP, leaving only SMTP enabled.

Many thanks for the prompt PERFECT reply, really appreciate it.

You can also export your settings on one computer, and import them on another.

Go to Menu > File > Export > Export settings to .xml file. Then you can choose which settings you want to export.