Only show unread and flag when needed

I upgraded to emClient 9.2.1608 yesterday. I’m pretty sure before the upgrade the unread bubble and flag icons only showed when the message was unread or flagged. Now they are appearing on all messages.

See snippet: image

I found this picture on the Microsoft App Store listing that shows the unread and flag icons only showing up when appropriate:

I’ve tried various combinations of showing/removing the Flag and Read Status columns as well as the “Always show ‘Read’ and ‘Flagged’ icons on mouse hover”, but the icons are either always there (when columns are shown), or not there at all (when columns are hidden) and the “Always show” setting doesn’t seem to do anything.

I’ve tried switching themes between the various built in ones, but the same icons always show up.

How do I get the read status bubble to only show up when the message is unread and the flag to only show when flagged?

Thank you for reporting this.

I am able to reproduce it, and see it only happens when you have removed the avatar. We will work on fixing it for a future release.

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