only primary Google Task list syncs

I have multiple Google Task lists but apparently only the first/primary task list syncs.

Is there any way to sync all Google Task lists?

what version of eM Client are you using? This already is a feature of eM client, you should be able to synchronize all the task lists.

Can you make a similar screenshot that shows the lists are unavailable?
thank you, I’m sorry for the late reply.


Sorry, I should have been more clear. All lists initially sync but only the primary list syncs subsequently, i.e., if I make any updates to the primary list in eM then those updates are reflected in Google Tasks and vice versa; however, if I make updates to a non-primary list in Google Tasks then eM client does not sync/reflect those changes.

As for version, I was using the latest version (i.e., eM Client 6) but have uninstalled it for the time being since it didn’t sync all lists.

Hi, sorry for the late reply, can you please turn on CalDav logging in Tools > Settings > Advanced, for the problematic account.

Save the settings and try to replicate the issue and if it occurs, go back to the Advanced Settings window and click on send logs, please add my email as a copy (, and please add a link reference to this forum topic.

Thank you,