only first message will respond to touch screen, next message turns off the touch screen, then only a mouse or the touch pad works to scroll

after updating only the first message window will respond to the touch screen, moving to another message turns off the touch screen and you must use the cursor with a mouse or the touch pad

I have 2 touch devices (Surface and Lenovo Ideapad) both work fine and do not exhibit the behavior you describe.  Maybe check if there are updated touch drivers?

I’m running a Lenovo Yoga pro 3. with what should be up to date drivers, although the use of norton power eraser caused more problems than it was supposed to cure, which led to needing eClient to begin with. Dont use NPE. I can use the touch screen anywhere outside of the right side of the screen (ie selecting msgs, folders apps etc. on the left side half where where msg are displayed). to scroll a msg I have to click and drag using the mouse or track pad or position the cursor on the scroll bar to the right of the msg, click it once and then use the arrow keys. nothing convenient about this and I will delete the client rather than put up with it if I can’t find a correction.

Wow, I retested with your additional comments and it behaves exactly how you describe.  After opening the 2nd email, the right side of the client (e.g., the reading pane) loses it’s touch capabilities.  In fact, I have to restart the program to get touch back.

I am going to put a pro support ticket in.  The are pretty good about responding in 24 hours, so I’ll let you know.

thank you. i rebooted etc. thinking it was a continuation of the NPE ailment (I’m still going to have to reload win10 I think to cure those ills) and checked on my updates. still poot!

Hi Samuel-- the latest version 7.1.30719.0 seems to have solved the issue.  Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

that does seem to have cured the ailment. thank you