only 2 accounts!!!!

Only two account sucks!
If I knew it when I installed I would not have,waste of time!

This information is mentioned on the site:

I see it is on that page but it was not on the download page or the main features page.
Although I would love to look at everyone’s entire sites I always cannot.
I installed this set up all my accounts and then applied for the free license put it in and wham half my accounts blocked.
I did not even get to try it out for 14 days or even 14 hours.
Very aggravating after setting it all up.

This is a very nice email client from what I see but I would have loved to know it fully before being limited.
Even with that I would probably purchase it but 50 dollars is steep right now.I wish the discount was still available at bitsdujour.
Hope it be returning sometime soon.
Thanks for the 1 hour tour EMC, if it becomes more affordable or my funds get freed up a bit I will definitively be purchasing.
Have a Happy New Year.