Only 1 of 3 accounts work

I have the pro version on my Mac. I have 3 gmail accounts. Only 1 gets mail in eM Client. The other two show syncing in the log but no mail comes to my Mac.
I am using imap and have my setting correct. I have had gmail allow eM to access my data.
I tried several other clients - Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Postbox, They do not have this problem.
I have deleted and re-added the accounts. I have used appcleaner to uninstall eM and all  of its components.
Tech support has given me no further help. They have looked at my logs.
Can anyone offer help? PLease don’t say just to give up and use another client. Of course I can do that but I would rather stay with eM.

I think that there is very little hope of anyone on this forum being able to do any better than eM Client Support, who have examined your logs.

But you never know.

Can you please give the providers of the accounts that aren’t working and what settings you are using for each.

It would also be useful to know what Support has already advised, and what you have tried so that we don’t duplicate things.

I deleted and re-added accounts. I uninstalled and reinstalled eM. I removed access on gmail and added them again.
All 3 accounts are gmail. On eworks and others don’t - settings on all 3 the same. I tried two other clients and they worked.