One rule for two senders

I’m trying to set up a rule in order to filter email from two different senders and move them in the same folder.
I thought what I needed was just add more contacts in the Searched Addresses window, but is not working.
Is it creating multiple rules the only solution to that?

It should work without any problems - you can edit the rule and add multiple addresses. If it does not work, enable “Rules” logging and send us the logs please.

Thank you George.

I see now what the problem is. I can filter two senders as long as the email looks like this:

There’s a problem with a particular sender though. The domain is too generic to filter it, as it appears as: (even the part before @ is too generic).

I hoped to filter the first part, just the NAME.
Basically as I would filter a message from myself as following:

It seems that eM doesn’t take into account the name but only the domain, as long as the @ is included in, i.e. cannot filter but can filter

I’ve been able to filter just the NAME though with other clients, is there any workaround for this in eM?


You can workaround it by using the condition “with words found in header”.