One registration on two laptop is possible?

Dear All,

I would like buy emClient for personal use (yes for myself!), and I have personal laptop at home, and I have another laptop at my workplace. Can I use my emClient two different laptop or the registration linked to fix currently laptop?

Thanks for your answer,
BR, Zoltan form Hungary

Hello, unfortunately, eM Client Free license is only valid for single activation on one computer, in order to activate on multiple computers you would require another license.


Dear Paul,

When I buy single PC licence, I can use on my own laptop only.
When I use Price calculator with 1 PC with lifetime upgrades I got 59.95 USD and can I use my own laptop AND workplace laptop?

But this question is shorter and easier to understand: I would like to use own laptop and workplace’s laptop emclient, how many license need to buy.

I hope you don’t misunderstand me, I want to buy emclient!

(I try to push my company to buy 25 licences).

BR, Zoltan from Hungary

Hello Zoltan, eM Client has a strict one license per computer policy, so if you’re about to purchase licenses for your company, make sure to purchase as many licences as many computers you’d like to use the application on. If you’d like to use the application personally on your work computer and your laptop you would require purchasing 2 seats, e.g. 2 licenses.

Hope this helps, but if you have any following questions regarding the purchase, you can contact our sales department at as well.