One of three calendars causing error after months of satisfactory operation

I am getting an error " Synchronizing folder “XXX/XXX” failed with an error: The requested minimum modification time lies too far in the past. As far as I know, I have not attempted to modify any calendar entries from the past. Been working fine for several months. Syncing with 3 Google calendars. I have tried “Properties/Repair” twice. No problem with other two calendars.
Version 4.0.15350.0

I’ve also come across the error myself. Though its fixed itself after like 10 days, I have no idea why. But it seems there’s some bug in Google’s native Calendar API and eM’s implementation. Create the G-data log for the account and send the log to eM support by request a support ticket. Log can be created by the menu -> Tools -> Setting -> Logging.

Thanks TNCS… as you suggested, problem went away after a few days, so I assume it was a Google glitch…

Problem solved as far as I am concerned.