One more obscure license question

I have no issue with the license policy (requirement to buy a separate license for each computer), but I have one question. I currently would need 2 licenses, which I understand will be discounted from the single license price. Here is my question:

If I need a 3rd or 4th license sometime down the line, would I pay the full price for the added licenses, or would they also be discounted as if I had purchased them all at once?

BTW, I am a long time Thunderbird user, just discovered eM Client, and even after just one day, I am almost sure I will go ahead and buy it. Much better interface, the setup was totally painless, altogether a huge improvement.

Hello Bradley, the price per single license lowers with the amount of licenses in a single purchase, you should be able to see the price per license change in the pricing options section on our website, as you increase the number of licenses.