One license for 2 to 3 computers

Hi eM Client Team,

Let me start by congratulating you all for an excellent software, probably one of he best on the market right now.

However commercially some improvements would be required according to me and according to many …
On eM Client forum I have seen so many topics related to the same issue : Many customers are looking for one license for 2 or 3 computers.

This is because it is very common nowadays to see families with 2 or 3 computers.
Further if you investigate well, you will find that most of your customers today have a home computer and a work computer (this is my problem) and it would really come in handy to have at least a 2 computers license model.

it is quite common now to see software editors selling two packages : A corporate package or a private package and the private license is valid for up to 3 computers.
How do you sell to a company with 50 employees ? 50 different licenses ?!!?
A one license per computer gives the impression of a small start up company over protecting their product.

Purchasing 2 or 3 licenses is clearly not reasonable for private use, and as a result several customers will remain with the free version or get another software and in either case eM Client is losing.
Do not forget also that a computer attached license model worries your customers. This is because computers get changed often nowadays, either because we sell the computer to buy another one more recent, or the laptop can get stolen or broken, and your customers will not want to purchase another license. They will not have deactivated their license if it gets stolen or if laptop crashes.

I have downloaded the free version of eM Client 3 days ago to try it. Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo all work nicely. Am very happy with eM Client and am willing to purchase a license but not two. I would like to have eM Client on both my home laptop and my work laptop. Paying twice for the same thing is not reasonable since it is for private use only, Now since I cannot have a license for both I decided not to buy a license at all and remain with the limited version. It’s a pity because (and I am sure many others have this issue) eM Client is a great software but because of commercial issues you again lost a customer while I also lost the opportunity to get what I really needed. Nobody wins in this situations.

Please understand that USD 49.95 is not an insignificant amount and lifetime version at USD 99.95 even less.
I simply cannot afford to pay USD 164.95 for two lifetime licenses, when I am the only one using it.

If you have a solution for me, please do let me know …


Hi Imrana,
I’m glad you like the application, we’re aware of the demand for multi-computer licenses, however no changes in our licensing policies are currently planned.
I can suggest contacting our sales department at for more information about pricing options.

I understand this might be an inconvenience for some users, but our one license per computer policy is quite strict and no changes are planned in near future.

Thank you for understanding,

Imrana has a point.  Other software providers are going to a free license per device (Kingsoft) or a reasonable price for a small number of machines(in the case of Kingsoft, its 3, McAfee also has a 3 device option although no free option).

Hi Pedro, thank you for your input on this, but please note eM Client’s licenses get cheaper with the number of licenses you purchase and that the pricing is setup like this so users can choose to save up on a single license purchase instead of purchasing a license with 3 seats right away.

Thank you for understanding,

Exactly the reason for me not to get an eM client pro license… I would like to be able to see my personal email on my desktop PC and on my laptop. It’s the just one email address, so I will never pay for two licenses in this case…

If it is just personal email, get a Free License. It is FREE.

But if you did need a Pro License for the extra features, you don’t need to purchase two licenses at £45 each. If you purchase two at the same time it is £67. Compared to other messaging applications, that is still among the cheapest.