One hour offset between Gmail and eMC Calendars

Gene, I don’t think so. I tried a recent build a few times and the issue was there.

I’ve moved back to Google Calendar in a web browser until the issue is completely resolved.

Hi, if you have a version 6.0.19861.0, can you please try updating your application to this version (…) it’s our latest release that should fix the issue.

Let me know if it helped,
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I tried this version and still the same issue…any other ideas?

Hi, can you maybe right click your calendar folder select properties > repair, and click the repair button? That might solve the issue…

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same issue…refreshed everything but still the difference.

Hi, can you maybe export one of your calendar entries that are showing the issue and send it to my email? ([email protected])

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export from gmail or from em client?

Hi, from eM client, or you can try exporting it from both, so we can compare if there’s a synchronization issue.

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Hello, thanks for the help, but I am no longer using the emClient.

Updating to latest version and repairing my calendar seemed to resolve this for new calendar items, but a few items created before udpating remain inconsistent.  Thank you eM support for your assistance.

this only happened since updating to the last version…crazy.

i’ve gone back to the older version and it works…(5.0.20009.0).  Obviously a bug in the new version.

OK, thank you for the info. We will check it once again. 

The issue still exists 2 years later. I am in GMT+13 NZDST and all my events are one hrs later in emClient than in any other calendar app that I use. Using CalDAV. Sad really. Makes emClient useless.

And why is this set to RESOLVED?

Hi Ingo,
as this might be a slightly different issue, I’ll need more information and data.
Which version of eM Client are you currently running (Help > About section)?
Do you possibly have different timezone settings in Windows and your gmail?
Can you export one of the delayed event from eM and google and send the ics files to [email protected] with a link to this forum topic?

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Okay, opening a new thread, issue still persists in NZDT (GMT+13)

Also ref…