One hour offset between Gmail and eMC Calendars

I have 2 Windows PC running eMC V6.0 and an Android phone. All share a common Gmail account for mail, contacts and calendar. My problem is that if I create a calendar event in Gmail itself, or on the Android phone, the event reflected in eMC is one hour earlier. Conversely, if I create an event in eMC, the time reflected in Gmail is one hour later. We are currently on DST, so I’m wondering if this is part of the problem? The 2 PC’s have the correct Windows timezone and DST settings. Any ideas?

Hi, we know about this issue and we are working on it’s solution.


EDIT: could you tell me what timezones you have set in Gmail and what is shown in eM Client under that event?

Thanks for your quick reply John

The Gmail calendar timezone is set to UTC +10 and the timezone of the corresponding events in eMC are also UTC +10. This is what made me question whether it was somehow connected to DST.



More on this John

Another poster (Jane) has raised the same issue. Curiously, she’s in the same timezone as myself. But more importantly, Jane has discovered that the problem is only evident when creating events in the new year. Events created in 2013 are correct.



This seems to be the same issue.

Just upgraded to V 6.0.19714.0 hoping it would fix this problem…sadly it doesn’t.

Any update on this issue? Are you able to reproduce it John?

Hi, we know about this issue and we are trying to find solution to it as fast as possible.

And ye, I am able to reproduce it, there is clearly some bug in timezones between eM client and Gmail cal, we know exact steps when it happens so solution should be known fast.


Hi - I also have this issue and am in New Zealand.
I am using Version Is this the correct version and are you any closer to fixing this? Like everyone else it has only become a problem for me in 2014 appointments, 2013 was fine.

This is the version that John asked me to install to fix this problem. Seems to work, but you’ll need to go through and check the appointments you made when it was faulty.…

how do i get that version? quite new to Em client… if i am logged in and click Help/Check for update it says there are none?

It’s a link…just click to download and then install it

You can install over the top of the existing one. Just close the existing one first.

Oh how embarrassing :frowning: Thank you SO much, I have just installed it, sent a test app from my iPhone and it has synched perfectly. Now just to go and amend all the other appointments I have made… Thanks again.

Thank you for report that our fix is working, I am marking this thread as solved.


Hello, here in Brazil, is not resolved, I am GMT-3 Sao Paulo in Gmail and eMClient Brasilia is UTC-3, and is still with daylight saving time

there’s been an issue reported with Brazilian time zone, which should be resolved in this version of eM Client (
If the problem persists, check back with us.


Hi Paul,
I have the same problem and this version isn’t work.

Hi, are you having issues with Brazilian timezone as well?


I have the same issue in Sydney, Australia, UTC +10

Running Version 6.0.19861.0

Is there a solution for this?