One Gmail account works, but the other fails to sync email (contacts/calendar work)

One account seems to sync everything fine (email, contacts, calendar).

The other fails to sync email (contacts & calendar seem to work fine).

I’ve attempted changing settings for POP & IMAP, including turning them off & back on, one at a time and both.  I checked the settings for the account that works, and saw POP & IMAP both turned off, so I tried that too with no luck.  I’ve also deleted both accounts from eM Client multiple times in the process, in case that might help.  No luck.  

Any ideas?  This other account it the one I’ve been using since early 2000s, and has ~16.9Gb in it (tens of thousands of emails).  I’m hoping it’s not limited to size or number of emails?  I don’t see anything useful in the logs (screenshot below).

One subfolder appears, yet there are many subfolders for that acct.

Error log doesn’t show much:

Hello JerAnd,

eM Client doesn’t have any limits on size or number of emails so it is not that type of issue. Could you please send me the logs from Menu > Tools > Operations > Log in a .txt file to when the error appears?

Thank you.