One email account never stops syncing

Setup with IMAP, using GoDaddy servers. Sync never quit on one account but did on another. This prevented incoming emails until the computer was rebooted and eM was restarted for the 1st time. Changed sync from 4 minutes to 10 then to 15. Conversations was always off.  Changed IMAP port from 143 to 993, and back again. With 993 new emails not received. Sync on startup was off.
With port 143 Sync would stop but no new emails would come through. With port 993 new emails come through on opening / starting of eM however the never ending “synchronizing subfolders” occurs.

Has EMClient worked ok with Imap Godaddy servers in the past ?

I have no idea. I have eM on one other PC with an email that goes through GoDaddy and eM works yet is very slow.

According to GoDaddy these are the IMAP incoming server settings for Non SSL and SSL for standard email clients. Is the below what you are using in EMClient ?

(Non SSL setting)
Normal password

(SSL setting)
Normal password

Yes, I have used both of those settings.

I would then try removing the IMAP account that didn’t stop synching and recreate again, as sounds like a possible corrupted account in EMClient. You won’t loose emails as is an IMAP account. If still a problem I would suggest to contact GoDaddy support. They might have some sort of IMAP issue with certain mail clients.

Thank you.