One account - two computers is pro license worth it?

I have a free license if I buy a pro license will it work on my home and work computers?  

If I do buy two pro licenses will it work on each computer with the one gmail account i have?  Will it import all my rules and preferences?

You can use eM Client on any number of computers, so long as you have a valid separate license for each one. So if you have two computers you need two licenses, whether they are free or pro. If you are using eM Client for work, you do need to purchase a Pro License.

Setting up your GMail account as IMAP (the default setup) your emails, contacts, tasks and calendars will be duplicated on both computers. Unfortunately, rules and preferences are not synced between computers, but some of the files can be copied manually between them so that your rules, quicktexts, categories and templates are  duplicated. Be careful though, as rules may not work if the conditions are not identical on both machines. For more than one computer using GMail, it is more practical to setup rules on the server.

Preferences is more difficult to do because the settings.dat file also contains licensing information.