On getting the eM Client version # the easy way

In getting assistance we’re often asked what eM Client version number we’re using. The number cannot be selected and copied in the Help > About screen. Any time I’ve needed to provide it I’ve had to retype it, which is irritating and could lead to a typing error. But I found a place from which it can be copied. Open the Contacts list (Control+B), right-click any contact, and select Show as Vcard  from the menu. The Vcard display includes a line like this:

 PRODID:-//MailClient.Contact/ **7.0.27943.0**

The data at the end of the line is the version number. Here, it can be selected and copied to the clipboard. Whether this will be truly useful depends on the value in question always being the same as the current eM Client version number. If that isn’t guaranteed, please advise…

Hello Mike,
this should indeed also show the actual version, so it’s a solid workaround.

Update: This workaround will no longer be needed in eM Client 7.1
The version number will be selectable or will be copied automatically using the Ctrl+C shortcut in the About window.