on first run, it downloaded c.30,000 Gmails without a prompt or setting

On first run, it downloaded c.30,000 Gmails without a prompt or setting. This was unexpected and unwanted behavior. I already had all those emails in my local Eudora. I would have preferred a Setting to only POP today’s or the latest 50 or whatnot.

I looked at where I thought the storage went C:\Users\Rob\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ and then proceeded to delete (inside eM) the c30,000 emails. That took a very long time, and then the data files didn’t change size.


The database is compacting slowly in order to not consume lot of memory and CPU usage. if you want to speed it up - download this tool http://www.emclient.com/tools/DbRepai… and run it.

Thanks George. But now I won’t need to speed anything up, the 30,000 are deleted.

Still, I think that on first install it shouldn’t POP everything but rather prompt the user for how many days to get, OR All.

OK, George, following up. After going through this deleting on eMC v4, then visiting Gmail on the web, I still had all my messages there. That was what I wanted, a remote cloud copy. Then, after a few days I had gotten around 200 Gmails - POP’d into eMC. All was good. Then I installed eMC v5RC2. It showed the same downloaded messages.

But then I revisited Gmail on the web and saw I only had around 200 in my InBox, not the 30000. What!? I searched the web for news of a new Gmail glitch, mail going missing. Nothing. But I found he missing messages were in the Gmail Trash! I just finished moving them back to the InBox. Now, I couldn’t swear it was eMC v5RC2 that caused this. But maybe. I checked my Gmail Settings and found that from several years ago I had IMAP turned on, even though I never used it. Perhaps the eMC “sync” combined with IMAP “noticed” I had deleted my local copies and sent Gmail a toggle to Trash them? Btw, I’ve turned off IMAP now.

IF this is what happened, I wonder why v4 didn’t also cause it. Did v5 ship with some default toggle changed? I never fiddled with either version’s sync settings.

Further, IF this is what happened to my Gmail, I suggest programming in a user alert, “With your current settings if you delete these emails they will also be moved to the Gmail Trash.”