older emails disappreaed in the in-folder - where can I find them - why they disappear

All  emails that are older than Oct. 11 th have disappeared in my in-folder.
I cannot find them and I do not want them to be out of the in-folder. Searching them is easy . Any advice please ?

Hello Hans,

Could it be that you have/had some sort of Rule set up that directs where your e-mails go? Or maybe a filter on your mail provider’s server?


Hello Maurice,

thanks for your kind reply:

I am really not aware that I might set up a rule to directing where the emails go - if so, where should I find it then ?

I already phoned the provider - which said all is okay at their end …

I reinstalled Thunderbird - all old mails are there in their in-folder - but not at Em client…

please advise.

Thank you.

Hello Hans,

You can view your Rules setting in Menu->Tools->Rules. Could you please also check what is your setting for Automatic Archiving (Menu->Tools->Settings->Mail->Automatic Archiving)?

If you say that you can find these e-mails easily, could you tell us what folder are they in if they aren’t in your Inbox? If you use the single-line view, please add the Folder Column in the Column Configuration (Conversations need to be disabled to see this column). Hover the cursor above the name of the message folder and you will see a path to the message location.

Also, do you see these messages in your Inbox on the server or just in Thunderbird?

Thank you,