Old pop acc password used at startup

I have changed pop account password for one of my email accounts.
I have updated the password also in eM client without problems.

Now every time at startup eMclient asks for new password to be entered.
“Password required for groupware account”

I just press cancel or esc and after that this account works normally.

It seems somewhere eMclient saved the old password (or uses empty string) and it uses it at startup only.

Everytime at startup I have to press cancel/escape and I am becoming tired of it.


if it asks for groupware account password it asks for your password to your CalDAV account (menu Tools->Accounts->click your problematic account and CalDAV tab). Did you update password also for the eM Client CalDAV account or have option Use identity credentials enabled ?

Thank you, your suggestion has indeed fixed the problem.
I have forgotten that Calendar uses the same account.


PS: For some reason this forum forgets my login info.
I came here this morning and I was logged in automatically.
Now I came to post reply and I had to go look it all up again. Weird.