Old not dismissed calendar notifications no longer appear

Prior to version 9, my old calendar entries which had not been “dismissed” would appear in a separate (smaller) window. Now those entries do not appear anywhere. What happened? How can they be restored?

You can view the Reminders by selecting Menu > Reminders.

But in 9.1 we automatically dismiss reminders for past events. If you don’t want that, change the setting in Menu > Settings > General > Reminders. Untick the option and click on Save & Close.

This worked for me,but I had to reschedule any reminders I had since I downloaded version 9 to a later date in order for them to start working again. Thank you.

Thanks. I changed the setting and hopefully, it will keep reminders now. The problem is trying to remember what reminders were not yet dismissed before the update to ver 9. It seems that would have made a lot more sense to default to not dismiss reminders for past events, since that it is how worked in the previous version.