Old man sits without an em Client license.

Thank you - this morning I started the license procedure and before I had finished I was called away urgently. Now I am continring some 6 hours later to complete the job. I never made a note of the license issued to me this morning, but the one given me now is
now lost as it was refused. Please help me to get a license. I am a retired Magistrate who lives alone in an old age complex and have just installed Windows 7 which will not accept Outlook Express 6 and I need my mailing client to stay in touch with my children.
[email protected] is my XP Home SP3 email address (ISP= ADEPT) but I start using my Windows 7 on 1 May 2010. Please assist an old man!! Thanks. eM Client is gpoing to be snapped up by Windows 7 users - I reckon. We don’t like web mail. This is what we have been waiting for! . Regards Bob Bowen

Hi, you should get an email with the license key. If you haven’t can you please check your spam folder? If you still can’t find it we can resend it to you at any email address you’ll specify.