old folders keep coming back

I imported my Outlook account (IMAP) and now my eM Clien has emails and folders from 8 years ago. Everytime I delete one of them, it comes right back. These folders and emails DO NOT show up in Outlook nor on the ISPs web client. I even tried reinstalling without importing the old account and they still show up. Help !!

Have you tried using the Exchange option for your Outlook account?  It seems to work much better than IMAP and will also sync your calendar and contacts.  Unless, of course, you are just calling in Outlook account because you used Outlook…

eM Client’s IMAP implementation does not allow a time frame to sync–it will sync all emails in the account.  Off hand, i’m not sure why they do not delete.

Who is your provider?

Charter. They just switched to IMAP. Outlook stopped working after the last update. Won’t auto receive anymore. My only problem with eM Mail is the sync issues. I have it down to just an old directory called Deleted Items, which seems to have every email since 2010. I have tried twice to delete the folder. It runs for an hour or so then errors with with “unable to create directory”.

Ahh, Charter is the problem.  They use a non-standard IMAP implementation that does NOT push email to the client.  Charter waits for the client to pull and eM Client waits for Charter to push.  Result-- no new massages unless you close then open the program.

HELP!  I just got eM Client, and have installed and uninstalled it 3 times.  I cannot get a clean install–it keeps recreating all the wierd folders (mailsent AND eM Client’s sent, etc) I guess from my old email acount.  I am using IMAP because Spectrum Roadrunner said they updated and pst format was obsolete (but IT never gave me problems!).  Also, I imported a cvs backup of my IMAP Outlook clients and cannot get my contacts to appear when I click on the lower right CONTACTS button, but they do appear when I click on TO in COMPOSE email.  I am in my 70s, and this is about to overwhelm me and make me give up…but I love the software and hate to!  HELP!  I see now that, overall, this should problem go under installation issues, so I will try to find that area in a second…sorry.