Old emails which still exists in the active mail_data.dat database file are disappeared from mailbox after account change


Since I changed from email provider and the necessary changes in my existing em client email account, old emails are disappeared from my em client mailbox. shame on me that I did not configured any back-up scheme before :-(.

After some investigation I discovered that the lost emails (linked to my previous email provider) stills exists in the current active mail_data.dat database file. 

Do someone know why older emails (linked to my previous email provider) which still exists in the current mail_data.dat database file are not visible/retrievable after the email provider change? How I can fix this?

Many thanx for help, Wim Stassyns

Hello Wim,
sorry for the late reply.

Can you still set up your account with the previous email provider?
Have you made any backuos in eM Client before?
If you turn on eM Client in offline mode (File>Work offline) and then turn it off and on again, do the messages load again?

How is you account set up? If it’s IMAP or Exchange but you haven’t migrated your emails manually, then eM Client is synchronizing to an empty server and canno show your messages. Though it is rather strange that they’d still be in the mail_data file. Or was your account set up using the POP protocol? Please provide more information about your account set up and the providers.


Had done a work around

  1. Configured a dummy account
  2. Found current data file @ C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Local folder \Local folder
  3. Copied old data to above mentioned path
  4. Reconfigured account & pointed new email to be downloaded to new data folder