Old Emails Reappeared, Non-Deletable

I just did the upgrade to the latest version. I like it overall, but what happened is perplexing. Eight items reappeared under “older” and they are unmovable. I can’t move to archives, delete, or anything else.

How do I deal with these, and why did this happen?

Hello Ken,

Could you please check if these e-mails are also on the server? If they are, please delete them there. If they aren’t there, please try removing your account from eM Client and adding it again (please note that all local data related to this account will be removed, but if you have all you data on the server, you don’t have anything to worry about. You can also try (if this is an IMAP/EWS account) to right-click the folder, go to Properties, Repair tab and press ‘Repair’.