Often having to 'Repair' calendars to get all info to show

I am having to repair my calendars multiple times per week. I have both an Outlook and Gmail calendar synced and both have random issues. 

I have stuck with the free version as hesitant to pay if issues persist.

Using Windows 10


There is an issue where eM Client will not get changes from a Google Calendar. This does not affect all users, nor does it affect uploading of changes from eM Client to the server. I experienced it on more than one occasion, so I stopped using Google Calendar. I did not see a solution on this forum, though there are many workarounds. When I went to create a support ticket, I could not reproduce it, so I did not report it.

If you setup your Outlook.com account as Exchange, rather than IMAP/AirSync, you will probably not have that problem.

Thanks for the response Gary. I did setup Outlook as an Exchange originally but went ahead and deleted and reinstalled the profile. I hate to hear of the issues with Google. If I can successfully recreate I’ll submit a ticket.

Much appreciated.