Offline notification when I am on line.

I have had a number of problems with eM Client, but this is the worst one. When I open the program and try to set up an account, I get the following. “Web page unavaiilable because you are off line.” Funny, my browser works, so I am NOT offline… Any solutions?

and I did check the work offline under file, it is not checked.

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I have re-installed emclient, checked my license (re-entered the license), and deleted the accounts I had listed.  Now when I try to add an account, the program says I am offline.  I can’t seem to fix this, and am running out of the time I want to spend setting this up.  If I can’t get a solution to this in the next day or so, I will have to look for another client.  Thanks,

Hi Doreen,
this is a rather curious issue. What account were you trying to set up? Can you login into this account using internet explorer?
Can you tell me which version of eM Client are you running? (Help > About section)
What other issues are you experiencing? Maybe they could be a part of the problem.
Go to Tools > Operations and please take a screenshot of any errors in there. Also copy the content of the Log tab here.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

Too late, got too frustrating, so decided to use another client.  Version was the latest available download.  There were no errors in the operations.