Office365 use POP3 + Oauth2

How to login to office365 with pop3+oauth2?

The automatic email wizard in eM Client doesn’t do OAuth or OAuth 2 for POP accounts. Only IMAP, Exchange and iCloud. It’s generally not supported at most mailbox providers now for security reasons but there is a roundabout way.

So the only way you can generally do a similar thing is “login to your Microsoft account online” and first “generate a passkey”. If you don’t know where to set that up in your account, contact Microsoft tech support.

Then go into eM Client accounts (via Menu / Accounts) and click “Add mail / other option”. You can then add the POP account and when you get up to your password, enter your Microsoft “generated passkey” and not your normal email password.

Note: I would recommend changing to an iMAP, Exchange or iCloud account with OAuth to access your mail instead of the old POP access.

Also Microsoft may have also stopped allowing POP access altogether so you may also need to contact their tech support to see if they still allow it or not. I heard it was going to end soon.