Office365 EWS connection

My apologies if this is a routine issue but eM Client 9.1.2109 has suddenly stopped working with an Office365 EWS account. It generates an error message: Server says “” and asks for a new password. I have tried the following:
A. I provided the existing Office365 password - failed, same error message.
B. I changed the Office365 password and provided that - failed, same error message.
C. I tried setting up Multi-Factor Authentication with a default app password and provided that - failed, same error message.
The error message is generated using the Windows and Mac versions of eM Client.
For C the instructions provided by MS are utterly hopeless as they bear no resemblance to the options currently offered, so I can’t be sure that generating the app password worked.
I do not want to delete and re-create the account in eM Client as that risks losing a large database of past messages. What do I do?
I appreciate that you are at the mercy of stupid policies implemented by the likes of Microsoft and I strongly suspect that this is caused by a change in authentication procedures. Unfortunately, MS documentation is so poor that I am hopelessly lost in trying to find out how to solve the issue.

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This is because your email provider no longer accepts username/password logins to their server.

Please go to Menu > Accounts and remove the account. Then click on Add Account and enter the email address in the Automatic Setup. You will be passed to your web browser to authenticate the account, then back to eM Client where the account will have been setup with oAuth (passwordless).

Sorry but there is no other way.

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Thank you - removing the account from eM Client is the key. I unsuccessfully tried first to add the account a second time, without removing. Now, after removing first, the access is working again.