office365 categories

eM Client works very well, far fast than Outlook, but to be compatible with an office365 account would need to sync categories.
I use categories to organize emails. If I put a personalized category from Outlook/web client I can see on eM Client, but I can’t categorize the emails with this category. There are only the standard colored categories.
I use eM Client in different computers and is the same. I I create a category in one computer it doesn’t sync to another computer.
I would be very happy if you make 100% compatible eM Client with Office365 categories.

Thanks and Best Regards!

Hello Jordi,

I change your thread to “Idea”.
Deeper Outlook categories implementation (together with Office 365) is already on our feature request list and it’s under evaluation for the version 8. 


Thanks for the fast reply!
Happy to hear this!
Best Regards,