Office 365 Prompting for password

I had a office 365 account setup for awhile. Recently, it is prompting for a password and when entered correctly it does not accept it and prompts again.

Is there a setting to change?

Please see our blog entry here.


Many thanks Gary,
I’ve had exactly the same issue and the information provided by eMClient in that link you provided was extremely helpful indeed. All sorted out now. 10/10 for you guys! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not worked for me. Deleted the old account and setup a new one using the automatic function. All appears to be accepted but when the account then attempts to connect I am prompted for username/password again which doesn’t just keeps appearing and the account doesn’t connect. Any ideas?

Do you have a microsoft 365 account? What version are you on as older versions will not work according to this article OAuth login for Microsoft Office 365 / EWS accounts - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software.

Thank You! Suddenly emclient was displaying the “passoword needed” dialogue on my two outlook accounts. I don’t know what I would have done without finding this.