Odd behavior between unique folder and main program

Upon opening, EMC looks good, functions normally. I have several folders unique to certain senders. There are rules that direct incoming email from these senders to their unique folders…works great. For the past few days upon accessing a unique folder and then returning to EMC…none of the folders are displayed. The only folders visible are the generic program provided folders. This requires closing EMC and restarting…this works but is clumsy. Why cannot I go from a unique folder back to the whole program?

Can you give us some idea of what your folder layout looks like? Where are the “unique folders” located? When you right-click those folders what options are ‘checked’? What version of eMC are you using?

The unique folders are a subset of the single, main email folder, [email protected]. and under the inbox itself under the email address arranged in a list. Aligned in a list beneath the main folder. When right clicked I see, "show in new window, rename, copy folder, move folder, properties…etc. No check boxes. If new email comes in the original, desired layout is back. But I would like to get to the folders for the individuals (unique) without waiting for new email.

What version of eM Client are you using?