Number of elements showing in category - Distribution list

hi guys,
  i’m buying commercial lifetime licence,
before buying i ask you for 3 things…

1- is it possible to show with number in contacts the number of elements of one folder? and see the number inside a distribution list?(i need often check the number of elements inside a category…a number like the number of unread message)
2- editing  distribution list it shows  name and after the surname, is it possible to put before the surname?
   this can be bypass if i’m able to send a message to one category… example:
        Category FREE TIME, without creating a distribution list (that if i insert or remove a name inside i must manualy search because there isn’t a search and i must see hundred of contact in a little window sorted by name/surname)
   instead of using distribution list can i send 1 messagge to category FREETIME (and so will be easly …search by function and after change category if there are varations)?

3 - i come from windows live mail. so i ask if it is possible: i had a name that i put in 3 category different but if i change one address it change on all category… in em client it copy the contact so 3 times the same name in 3 categories and to change i need change all 3 contact

Thanks a lot

Hi Lorenzo,

Send me please this sales enquiry to and just add a link to this forum thread.

Thank you,