Nov. 22 update moved eM client from c: to e: (!!!!)

After allowing the eM Client update to run, the whole application has been moved from c: to e: (an SD photo card that happened to be sitting there). That’s not where I want it.

This might be why people are reporting the program doesn’t work…

I haven’t checked whether I’ll have to reformat the card in order to continue using it with my photo printer, but that’s happened to me in the past when saving non image files to an sd card. So I’d be really, really angry if I all the important stuff weren’t already on my pc.

I cannot imagine way how is it possible. How did you update eM Client?

(Running Win7 on a 1 month-old PC, btw.)

When I started eMclient yesterday morning, it notified me that an update was available, with a list of fixes/improvements. I just clicked update.

When the update was done
–the eMClient shortcut on my taskbar had gone generic and did not launch the program.
–eMClient WAS still listed under All Programs list, launch it and showed all my folders were in place, etc.
–a shortcut could be created on the desktop (where I DON’T want it
–the desktop shortcut COULD NOT be moved to the taskbar, and no “pin to taskbar” option was available.
–c:\program filesX86\ was now an empty folder, and I couldn’t find anything that looked like a new folder for eMClient.

So I did a search for *.exe files, and found eMClient on the sDisk labeled e: (which is currently my last drive letter).

You might want to check whether the update code is somehow set to reinstall the program to the last mapped drive… Like someone assumed that it would usually be used for portable drive access? or there’s a missing dialog for choosing the drive?

I guess Win 7 won’t allow programs on removable drives to be pinned to the task bar. I also can’t minimize the program and keep it running in background; minimizing closes the program. That might make sense for mobile access, to ensure the program is closed when the drive is removed.

I noticed several new topics along the lines of “Not Working!” when I submitted mine. These users might have the same issue, but hadn’t thought to look for it on program list, or taken same steps to figure out where their program has gone.

try to uninstall your current version and install the version from our website (or from… ) to location you want to have it.


What will happen to all my folders, contacts, tasks, etc? I’ve spent considerable time inputting and organizing those.

If they are stored at server (through CalDAV/CardDAV) they will stay there. Even if they are locally stored, uninstall won’t delete them. But to be sure backup your database directory at C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client (or C:\Document and Settings\YourUsername\Application Data\eM Client) to some safe place and then proceed reinstall.

That fixed it.