Noton Internet Security quarantined mail_data.dat

So all my mail disappeared. NIS quarantined mail_data.dat saying that it is infected with Trojan.Pidief.

Is this even possible?

I only back up once a week so lost 6 days of emails. Nevertheless, this was one of the reasons that I was very cautious about using eM client rather than an email client that saves each email in a separate eml file.

Any suggestions about whether it would be safe to exclude mail_data.dat from NIS scans?

It is possible you have a malicious PDF file attached to one of your emails.

To get your emails back, you should exclude the complete C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client directory from Norton. Once you have excluded it, you can remove the file from quarantine and overwrite if prompted. Make sure eM Client is closed when you do that and all your emails should reappear when you open eM Client.

I think it is safe to exclude the directory. If you do try to open a suspect PDF file Norton should warn you again. Best option is if you don’t know the sender of the email, don’t open any attachments.


Thanks for a really quick reply, Gary.