Notification popups and sound do not work on free version is this feature only available on purchased version. I am trying to evaluate before purchasing license.

notifications work on free version too - there is no restriction. Please make sure you have the notifications enabled in Tools - Settings - Notifications.

Thanks, I re-downloaded the program and it works ok now. Must have been some sort of download glitch.

However one thing I miss which is a feature in Incredimail 2 is the advanced account access which allows you to delete emails direct from the server withuot opening or previewing them which is useful for removing suspicious looking mail.
(This feature does not work on Incredimail 2.5 for windows 8 amongst other problems, hence my search for a new email browser.


Maurice Freeman

I added it to our list of feature requests.

Thanks for that but here is another query. There appears to be no way of setting eM Client to launch on start up. It has to be launched manually which could easily be forgotten when in a hurry.

Did you add it to Startup folder?

Silly me I didn’t think of that I’m used to ‘launch on startup’ being in the program settings. Works ok now thanks for your help.
Maurice Freeman