Notifications too quick

I have a problem regarding the “new mail” notification. The problem is that the notification shows up before the spam filter starts to work. For example I have an inbox with spam mails incoming every 2-3 seconds which should be no problem: Spamassassin already marked them as ***Spam*** and eM Client filters it nearly instant but the popup seems to be quicker. Is there a way to get eM Client to wait for example one second before it shows the popup?

There is a little lag with Rules. Never used to be like that, but there is now.

What you could try is to add the skip notification option to the spam filter Rule. You can’t edit the Rule directly, so you will need to first delete it. Then create a new Rule and choose Move spam messages to Spam folder.  

You don’t need to change anything in the Rule except to tick the Skip Notification option.

See if that changes anything.

It works! Thanks :wink:

Good to learn about the “skip”… thanks Gary!