Notifications too long

I’m using eM Client 5.0 and the only notification I have set is for incoming mail. However, when new mail does come in, the notification tone goes on and on long after the email has been read and handled (and even after eM Client has been terminated. I tried changing from the incoming mail alert in the Sound directory to the notify.wav file in Windows Media and it still runs much too long. Where can the timing of these notifications be changed?

I’m using Windows 7 Pro SP1.


Hi, notifications length can be altered in Tools - setings - general - notifications “hide popup window after … seconds”


It is not the popup window that’s too long - it’s the notification tone that goes on and on when receiving an email. There’s apparently no control for the timing of the notification tones.

I see, unfortunately we do not plan at this moment to alter these settings, but you can turn off sound notifications completely.