Notifications not working

Notification pop up windows and sound do not work. Running latest release on XP

Have you check the settings in the menu. Tools -> Settings -> Notifications?

I tested it and it always worked. Please check the settings above.

Another issue is the rules I have set up only work if I manually go in and apply them. The only thing I can figure is when emclient is syncing with the yahoo IMAP server it’s not considering the new messages as being received.

I also just sent a test to my gmail account and the sound and popup notifications work for that account, which tends to confirm my guess regarding the yahoo imap server being the issue.

Don’t you have your yahoo account open somewhere else (e.g. webmail, mobile phone,…) as well? It can then mark them as received there first.

No, if I had it open somewhere else I wouldn’t have a reason to use a desktop client. I hate webmail, always have and probably always will.

You are right with yahoo emails filtering. We will take a look into it.

Will you take a look at the notifications issue as well. I pulled the info below off of another blog, when I was trying to get TB to fetch yahoo mail correctly. This seems to be causing an issue in emclient and others. When I check mail it doesn’t bring in the new mail I have to move out of the inbox into another folder and back into the inbox for the client to actually bring in (show) the new mail on the yahoo server. Set up a free yahoo account and test it out.

I think the notifications, filters and check for new messages are all related to this same issue.


adding Yahoo Mail Free IMAP support with the “ID (“GUID” “1”)” command. Read this on Wikipedia on how you can access the Yahoo IMAP servers, but before logging in a non-standand IMAP command has to be sent “ID (“GUID” “1”)”. Just wondering is this will be implemented in further versions of Thunderbird. Below is the paragraph from Wikipedia.

Free IMAP and SMTPs access

It is possible to get direct IMAP access without signing up for paid access nor using software like YPOPs! or FreePOPs. Yahoo operates IMAP servers ( in particular), which are globally accessible. However they require a specific, but non-standard IMAP command to be sent before login is done. The command is: “ID (“GUID” “1”)” and it is relatively easy to modify any email client to send it. In fact this is the method currently employed by YPOPSs! and FreePOPs.

We were sending the ID hack to Yahoo servers for several versions already.

Well somethings not working

thanks for the screenshots - from those it seems that the pop-ups are disabled. Your default setting is not to show pop-up (the icon with red cross) and the setting for Yahoo is a transparent icon of the default (which means “use the default”) - try clicking the pop-up icon for the Yahoo’s entry once -> it should switch to a colored icon of the popup. Save the settings and try it then (also note that popups are not shown when eM Client is the active application)

The sound seems to be set up correctly. Can you send the sound to [email protected]? We’ll test it out.

Libor Grafnetr

Same problem here, notifications wont work in 3.5 even though they are enabled

My email server is SmarterMail Enterprise 6.9, IMAP

I found that when I go to Tools/Accounts, highlight the account I want, and click ‘Set as default’ (bottom of screen), my default notifications work perfectly in that account.