Notifications not working

I just installed eM Client free and I’m using it for gmail and yahoo accounts. The Notifications are not working, sounds or pop ups. Any fix for this?

Are you using the latest version of eM Client? What version of Windows are you using?

Can you also check the settings are correct at the menu Tools -> Settings -> Notification?

Version 3.0.10206.0, just downloaded and installed today. See link for image of settings

The settings looks correct. However the GLASS.WAV isn’t the default eM Client sound file. Did you try with the original file?

Just tried default sound. Still no luck, the pop up isn’t working either and the rules I have set up only work if I manually go in and apply them. The only thing I can figure is when emclient is syncing with the yahoo IMAP server it’s not considering the new messages as being received.

Hi, the message rule will apply once the mail task in complete for the specific account. Using IMAP or not, sync or retrieve does count toward to new message (If there are any). Make sure you have at least .NET2 framework installed. If not, here is the link to the .NET2 SP2…

I have .net2 sp2, .net3 sp2, 3.5 sp1 & .net4 all installed on this XP machine and all updates are current

I’m not sure what could be wrong. Let wait for an official response.

Same problem here, notifications wont work in 3.5 even though they are enabled

My email server is SmarterMail Enterprise 6.9, IMAP

Release 3.5.11809 works for me