Notifications don't work.

I’m using Windows 7 Starter and I’ve installed eM Client 5.0. I’ve enabled the notifications (popups and sounds) but they won’t come up even when the software is minimised. Please, help. Thank you.

Does it happen to all your accounts or only to some of them?

Hello. I have only one account, which I’ve selected as default account. The default settings show that the notifications have been enabled. Though, when I select my account from the drop-down list, the window shows nothing.

Can you please post here a screenshot of the Notifications settings window? You can also attach a screenshot of the account settings window - it would help us a lot. Thank you

Do you have any idea what it might be?
Does it depend on any Windows service?

No solution, I see.

Can you please exactly tell me what version are you currently using?
I can send you our internal version which may fix this issue - email me at if you are interested.

Version 5.0.17595.0
I will send you an e-mail, thank you.

Thank you so much; it works flawlessly in the internal version!

Hello, apparently the notifications work for the “Inbox” folder only. When I receive emails in my other folders, the notifications don’t show up.

Yes, that is true but it happens only to messages being processes by some server sided rule. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any fix/workaround for this issue at the moment.