Notification Sound is Very Low

New to eM Client but so far seems this may be the email program I’ve been searching for and hoping to find. One issue is that the email notification is very low sound wise. I have my pc volume on 44 and it’s seems more like it’s on 11 when it chimes. Great for when I’m working at the computer not so great when I’m away and waiting on an email. Any way to change that?

martes 01 marzo 2022 :: 2240hrs (UTC +01:00)

You can try these:

Place the files in the eMC sound folder and point to from:
Menu ->Settings ->General ->Notifications - >Incoming mail

If the doenload is blocked by the Forum copy the link direct to your browser

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Thanks Skybat, but the strangest thing. Didn’t even get a chance to try your suggestion because somehow now it’s chiming in at the volume level I have it set at. Don’t have a clue why.