Notification mail following forum

I receive the mails notifying new posts in the forum.
Recently, when I click on “View Comment”, I do not arrive to the post.
I have to go to “Community” and search it.
There have been changes?

Maybe because the posts are in “comments”?


I am not sure if you are describing same thing what I do think you do, but yes there were some changes to the forum.

Unfortunately we can’t do much about them as forum is not ours by we have bought license from other company to use it, and changes are only on them.

If possible can you make screenshot where it makes you go to directly?


Clicked on “View reply” of the mail notification.
I’m at the good place.

I clicked also on a “Comment” notification and it was ok.
I’m sure you’ve made something.
I’ll wait for other notifications, to be sure.

Ok, keep me informed :slight_smile:


Ok. I arrive on the good page when clicking on “View Comment” of the notification email.

Sorry, I have again the problem.
I received notification for your comment :
"I was unable to reproduce this issue in newest versions, can I ask if this was happening all the time in old 6th beta?


When clicking the link, I do not see this comment :…

I found your comment in the previous page:…
Maybe because it is a comment of a message posted a few days before.

(It’s not a big problem, don’t loose your time. I just wanted to tell you).

I will note this anyway, as I can see everything allright, I need to give this a time until I will see something common like your issue.


The link in the mail notification allowed me to see directly your message. Nobody seems to have had this kind of problem. Don’t worry :slight_smile:

you know that as a support I really can’t stop worrying about issues not matter how bad they are, but I am afraid until I will receive reports from other users about this too I will not be able to reproduce it :confused:

I hope that it will disappear by itself or one day I will find some solution or at least core of this issue.

with regards

Lets say that the problem has disappeared. I’ll tell you when (if) it comes again :slight_smile:

Ok then, I am counting on your report next time :slight_smile:


I received 10 mails notifications in one hour:

"New comment: eM Client 6 BETA released

this should be resolved in RC version I am testing now.


I do not see any of them nor just one in the forum!?

so you have received 10 same emails with notification? Have I understood it right?


Yes, you have understood right. Unfortunately I cannot show you anymore, because I deleted them and did not take a capture [sorry for all my strange problems :)]

okay, so when you will see it next time do not forget to capture it so I can take closer look.

Anyway from what I have heard in our office then forum should be updated to newer format so if this issue of yours will not be possible to solve now, it will most likely go away in the future.


There will be not next time, I hope :slight_smile:
Maybe they remained in my previous database.

that is possible, if you have not deleted them then they will not disappear :slight_smile:

I mean the database sent to eMClient support.
I don’t remember if I deleted something.