Notification Icon Doesn't Bring Mail Window to Foreground

When I click the emClient Icon in my taskbar, about 50% of the time, it does not bring the emClient window to the foreground.  A second click always works, but it really breaks the natural flow of working on my desktop.

This has been driving me crazy from “day one”… I had another issue with sync errors that I thought caused this, but that seems to not be the case.

Is there a solution for this?

same here. any solution?

I haven’t found one.

I’ve kind of become accustomed to it, but it is a PITA.

I have found that clicking on the popup notification opens the individual message in a new window in the foreground every time when system notifications are not used. When system notifications are used, the message opens in a new window but in the background.

If I click on the actual notification icon in the system tray, eM Client comes to the front, always.

I’m trying to bring up emClient from the Task Bar icon - not Notifications.