Nothing showing in Agenda & license move question

New computer, new install of eMC 8. Goole account.

  1. On old computer calendar events show in Agenda sidebar. On new computer Calendar shows but Agenda is empty. ???

  2. How do I move my license to new computer?

Okay, re #1, I hadn’t seen the Agenda settings “gear” which cleverly only appears if you “mouse over” the word “Agenda” at the top. Checked every option. Agenda appears.


On the old device:

  • If it is a Pro Business license with 2 or more seats, you will need to deactivate it by going to Menu > Help > License > Deactivate. If you don’t have access to the old device, you can disable it remotely in your License Manager.
  • For all other licenses, there is nothing you need to do on the old device.

On the new device:

  • For all licenses, go to Menu > Help > License and click on Activate, then paste in your license key.
  • If you have lost the key, you can have it resent to you by entering the registered email address here.

Somewhere in the middle you should note to somehow find the old license key.

  • Fortunately license manager had it for me.

  • Unfortunately it was for v8 whereas what I have installed, despite clicking the “Download Version 8” button, is version 9.

? Is it possible to get version 8?

I gave the link in my reply above, but here it is again:

You can download the last version 8 release for PC from here:

Or for Mac from here:

Now I know why you’re “Gary the Leader”. Thanks.

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