Nothing but problem and No Support

I have had nothing but problems with the software.  I get constant errors from webDAV and email system.  My server connects to android phone, tablet, and apple tablet and works without error.  The only place it errors is in your software.  I have tried to contact support but it says my email address is already used and it will not send me password or reset information.  The emails never arrive. The software crashed and would not start to a stable state until I uninstalled and removed all data and reinstalled.  How did this happen?  I deleted categories no longer needed.  I have gotten no satisfaction and do not expect that I will ever see my money from the guarantee.  Because I have had no luck in reaching the company.  Why not make it easy for customers to contact you? Because you do not want them to get satisfaction.

Hi Ron,
I’m sorry you had trouble reaching support or getting your login information, as we really try our best to be easy to reach and be there for our customers.
I’m resetting your information in our database now and you should receive an email with your login and license information.
You can either contact PRO support at about your errors or message about any purchase related concerns.

Best regards,

Sorry to say I got this email but the support system is still not sending me an email.  I know my security is set tight on my server but if I can receive emails from you about my license and the forum then I should be able to receive support emails.  Also your eM Client software says the support link in this email is dangerous because it is going to a different location than what the link shows.  Why would your software say it is dangerous or why would you make a link that way.  I have contacted sales numerous times about the issues I have been having and have received no response.

Hi Ron,
I talked to our Sales department and they replied to all your emails, 3 times.
We got an error response from your server:

----- Transcript of session follows -----
… while talking to
<<< 550 Your host is not allowed to connect to this server.
… connection error: connection reset by peer/timeout

But that is not something we can fix from our side.
The support link goes to the exact location it mentions.
Our software is not any more dangerous than any email client application.
Our license emails are generated automatically from a different server.
I’m afraid your security might be set up way too tight and if you refuse to make even the slightest of exceptions (like contacting PRO support) to communicate with us then I’m afraid I can’t help you.

Best regards,

I am receiving emails from this forum but not from the support or sales.  Are they not using the same email server.  If not, you should check on them.  Being an email software company you should not have one server listed as spam or not set correctly.  That is the only way my server would give you that error.  And no I don’t believe I should lower my security for companies that don’t use a proper hello command or have been reported as spam.  My account and my support request should have my phone number listed.  Don’t companies use phones anymore?  I don;t do business with companies that don’t care about their customers.  Exactly why I got rid of Microsoft.  This is why there was a dot com failure in the 80’s.  Customers will not put up with this level of service.  And by the way I traced your email addresses and added them to my server to allow emails from you for the last few weeks.  Guess what your emails still did not arrive.  I have tried to contact pro support but no phone number only an account that says my password is not correct and can’t send me an email to change it.  It is not up to me to go out of my way to pay for service,  it is a companies job to provide service to its customer or its customers will leave.  And take their over 3,000 customers with them.  I can’t recommend your company to any of them.  I want a refund and can’t even get a hold of your company to get my money back.  And the forum is filled with customers that have the same problem with your company.  You can obviously tell who I am so just refund my account and I will be out of your hair.

Ron, why don’t you try to send them an email that doesn’t send through your current server? It sounds like they’ve tried to respond but your server is blocking their emails. Frustrating I’m sure for all concerned.

Hello Ron,
the forum platform is actually supplied by a different service, so the mails are not generated directly from the same server.
Unfortunately, we don’t have a phone support.
We did not try to contact you again after this last reply, so even if you made exception for our emails now, you probably couldn’t get any; PRO support and Sales department haven’t gotten any new messages from you either.
PRO support credentials are the same you can use to check your licenses on the licensing server. If you lost or forgot your credentials, all you need to do is click the Lost password button as shown below.

For any purchase related problems, you need to contact Sales department, at


I would but you can’t give Pro Support a new email address you have to use the email address you registered with to get the reset link.

Sorry to say but you are wrong that link will not work because it sends a reset email to the email address I have registered with your company.  Your company doesn’t have support phone but required my phone number to purchase your software.  Why?  So you can sell my information instead of using it to get business done.  This could have been handled by a 15 minute phone call instead of dragging on for weeks.
I didn’t forget my password it is the same as this one and stored as soon as I made it in a secure encrypted database.  How did I receive the Welcome Email from your company and my license information?  How is the software license working if it from the same server?  This email comes from another server yes but I get them from how is that possible when doesn’t work?

Your email server is badly configured and now you’re blaming eM Client.

The passwords for the forum and licensing are not connected. I’m also not sure why you can’t get emails from Sales, they tried to contact you again, but even if you claim you made an exception, we still get denied from your server.

If it is so badly configured then why have I had no problem for the past 20 years buying software and hardware from over 100 companies around the world without a problem.  Em Client software is reporting errors when connecting to GMail, Yahoo, Local ISP, Hotmail, and other servers that I have email on as well.  If it was just my server reporting errors I would say you are correct.  As a person with over 35 years experience in customer service and the computer industry most companies would just give me a refund as requested, and they obviously know who I am, and be done with me and never have to put up with me again.  This comes from companies not wanting to give proper customer support.  Remember the dot com failures of the eighties?  I could have sold hundreds of copies for them now this is the last $ they will ever see from me or the companies i represent.

Never said they were, I said I used the same passwords when signing up.

Then I guess you could send them from instead of the error above shows no email address used.  I allowed sales@ and the server IP addresses associated that email server and since info@ works…

Now you have contacted me with an outside gmail address and still refuse to give me any assistance or refund.

After lodging a complaint with the BBB my license became invalid but I still have not received a refund.

Hello Ron,
I got information from Sales that your refund has been sent on friday. I think the bank transfer just might not have happened yet because it was a weekend.
Thank you for your patience.