How about a feature for adding notes like you could do in Outlook back in the early days. (I’m not talking about sticky notes btw)

2 functions:
1 - idependente notes (outline style perf.)
2 - anotate a email (note associated to a email) whith list of notes in left bar, i click the note a go to the anotated mail

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agree, see also my imput:…

Another great idea that would be very useful!

Notes like in Opera would be very helpful

notes like in esetnialpim, even better: notes like in onenote. with full sync to android and other mobile devices.

that’d be a killer in many areas at once

integrate with Onenote would be a big plus. If it had this, I would dump Outlook.


Unfortunately OneNote is not planned but there will be Evernote button in next version.


Where is this Evernote button, since this post was 1 year ago, and I just downloaded eMClient, and I don’t see it anywhere?

Hi, sorry for the above information, Evernote is not currently a planned feature however it is being considered for future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

any update on providing ability to add notes in addition to tasks to sync with iphone?

Hello Brian,
unfortunately this is still not a planned feature at the moment.
Thank you for understanding.


Notes Folder, is the last thing I need to leave away Outlook.


This is an important feature for me, too. In Outlook you can make a note by Ctrl+T. It is possible but not a very comfortable function, because it duplicates the Email and saves it as a note. It could be done better.

It is unfortunate that even though this idea received so many votes, is not planned for eM Client. ;-(

Wow, posted 7 years ago and still nothing.
I remember when I asked for few features and I search this forum for other requests - it’s always the same - “it will be in next version”.

Notes in emails are “must be” feature if someone wants work with emails. Even adding phone number or small comment to email is now impossible.

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Under Contacts>Name>Details, I use the note page which I find useful.